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      Myle Meta Box Disposable Vape

      Explore the MYLÉ Meta Box, Dubai's leading disposable vape. With 27 intense flavors, a 12ml tank, and 5000 puffs, it's the future of vaping. Dive in today!

      Introducing the MYLÉ Meta Box Disposable Vape: Compact, Stylish, and Flavorful

      Step into the future of vaping with the MYLÉ Meta Box Disposable Vape. Designed for the discerning vaper in Dubai and across the UAE, this sleek and compact device promises an unparalleled experience without compromise.

      Experience Intense Flavors with MYLÉ's Newest Disposable Vape: Meta Box

      Compact Design with A Modern Twist

      Designed to be small and discreet, the square-shaped Meta Box is the epitome of modern vaping. Its soft touch body and rubberized mouthpiece ensure a comfortable grip and optimal user experience.

      Exceptional Performance

      Boasting a 400mah rechargeable battery, the Meta Box ensures you get every drop of liquid with no wastage. It's designed to last, giving you a consistent and flavorful experience from start to finish.

      A Symphony of Flavors

      Choose from an incredible array of 27 intense flavors. From the tropical twist of Peach Mango Watermelon to the traditional kick of Cuban Tobacco, the Meta Box has a flavor for every palette. Whether you prefer 2% or 5% nicotine strength, we've got you covered.

      Ease of Use

      The Meta Box is ready to vape right out of the box. Just open the bag, remove any silicon tips, and embark on your flavor journey. Remember, the world of MYLÉ is strictly for those 21 and older.

      Flavors List:

      • Meta Box Pina Colada: Fantastic flavor of coconut and pineapple
      • Meta Box Cuban Tobacco: Classic tobacco with a creamy finish. A smooth rich flavor with a warm tobacco aroma.
      • Meta Box Iced Blue Razz: A blast of Blue Raspberry. Mildly sweet, mellow, with light creamy undertones. A touch of light menthol compliments this flavor.
      • Meta Box Strawberry Colada: Twist on the traditional pina colada. It adds a sweet strawberry to a pineapple and coconut cream base.
      • Meta Box Peach Mango Watermelon: A tasty tropical fruit flavor will fill your mouth that has notes of ripe tart watermelon, juicy mango and luscious Georgia peach.
      • Meta Box Orange Ice: Sweet, juicy oranges with a touch of sparkling and icy colada.
      • Meta Box Iced Apple: A perfect blend of sweet, tart crisp apples nectar topped off with a hint of cool icy mint.
      • Meta Box Miami Mint: Fresh citrus mix with a refreshing mint
      • Meta Box Lemon Mint: Sweet and zesty sour lemon combined with fresh cooling mint.
      • Meta Box Iced Watermelon: Smooth, sweet, luscious ripe satisfying watermelon with a hint of cool icy mint
      • Meta Box Clear: Light menthol taste in every puff
      • Meta Box Winter Ice: An icy spearmint blast that is smooth, minty and stimulating.
      • Meta Box Platinum Tobacco: A bold and traditional smokey tobacco with a pinch of sweetness for a perfect blend.
      • Meta Box Grape Mint: Luscious bursts of grape flavor with the icy coolness of mint all in a zero nic plant based disposable.
      • Meta Box Lush Ice: Luscious sweet watermelon with a nice icy cool menthol hit.
      • Meta Box Pineapple Coconut Strawberry: More tropical flavors to love! Sun-kissed fruity strawberry, creamy smooth coconut, and tangy ripe pineapple combine to create a heavenly fruit explosion in your mouth.
      • Meta Box Red Apple: Simply crisp sweet juicy red apple flavor.
      • Meta Box French Vanilla: A yummy nod to the creamy smoothness of the vanilla bean. A very smooth and light vape with a hint of sweetness.
      • Meta Box Malaysian Mango: Tropical and tasty, this is a full bodied fully ripe mango flavor.
      • Meta Box Skittlez: An endless burst of sweet juicy fruit flavor wrapped in the sugar-coated sweetness of Skittles candy.
      • Meta Box Sweet Tobacco: A bold and traditional smokey tobacco with a pinch of sweetness for a perfect blend.
      • Meta Box Georgia Peach: Enjoy the delicious, mellow, sweetness of world renowned Georgia Peaches: smooth, sweet and refreshing. A classic for those fruit juice lovers.
      • Meta Box Peach Ice: A balance of luscious fruity peaches with a minty cool blast of menthol ice.
      • Meta Box Blueberry Lemon: Sweet, juicy and tangy! Intense tart blueberry flavors that will burst in your mouth followed by the tangy tartness of lemon.
      • Meta Box Melon Honeydew: A light but sweet melon flavor that will satisfy any fruit lover.
      • Meta Box Iced Tropical Fruit: A mix of delicious tropical flavors: mango, pineapple, and passion fruit blended with a cool hint of menthol for a refreshing vape.
      • Meta Box Iced Mint: An icy spearmint blast that is smooth, minty and stimulating.


      What is the design of the MYLÉ Meta Box?

      The MYLÉ Meta Box is a compact, square-shaped, sleek, and discreet disposable vape device.

      How many flavors are available for the MYLÉ Meta Box?

      There are 27 super tasty intense flavors available for the MYLÉ Meta Box.

      Is the MYLÉ Meta Box battery rechargeable?

      Yes, the MYLÉ Meta Box comes with a 400mah rechargeable battery.

      How many puffs does the MYLÉ Meta Box provide?

      The MYLÉ Meta Box offers up to 5000 puffs.

      How do I start using the MYLÉ Meta Box?

      Simply open the bag inside the box, remove any silicon tips if present, and you're ready to vape.

      Who is the MYLÉ Meta Box suitable for?

      The MYLÉ Meta Box and other MYLÉ vape devices are designed strictly for individuals aged 21 and above.

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